"Mark Riley has a long tradition in both the community arts and forest school world for working WITH each learner's creative talent. He is a keen observer of learners needs and motivations and works tirelessly to harness these ...combining them with a desire to work as much as possible with natural materials, while paying considerable attention to sustaining the natural world. I would highly recommend Mark Riley as an experienced educator with a long track record in nurturing creative learners of all ages, working in and with the natural outdoor world." Jon Cree, Bishops Wood Environmental Education Centre

Recent work in the outdoors has explored its potential, including supporting children's creativity and thinking using open ended materials and resources, and developing flexible learning bays, through sculpture, mark-making, willow and other materials.  Mark qualified as a Level 3 Forest School Leader in 2012 and in that year published an article on the results of a year long Forest School creativity project in Horizons journal for outdoor education, which you can download here 

Horizons FS Article.PDF